Amazing Facts About Universe,Space and Planets

Interesting facts about space: The gloves included in the space suit have silicon rubber fingertips which allow the astronaut some sense of touch. The Darke Equation was proposed by astronomer Frank Drake to work out how many civilizations there could be in our galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy we live in is one of the  billion of galaxy in space. The sun travel around the galaxy once every 200 million years--a journey of 100,000 light years. There may be a huge black hole in the center Read more [...]

European Spacecraft ready to land on mars next week

The European Space Agency's Schiaparelli spacecraft  prepare to land on mars on Oct.19. There are two connected spacecraft in the ExoMars,the Trace Gas Orbiter and its Schiaparelli lander towards mars. The two spacecraft are expected to  separate on Sunday  Oct 16,and if all goes according to plan,the Schiaparelli lander will land on mars  three days later. While the Schiaparelli lander is on the martian surface. On the other hand the Trace Gas Orbiter will orbit the Red Planet and Read more [...]

China wants to build biggest spaceplane ever.That would carry up to 20 tourist

China wants to build world's biggest spaceplane that would carry  up to 20 space tourist,according to report. Rocket scientist Lui Haiquanq presented the project at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara. Mexico last week,telling attendees that the academy's design could be scaled up to accommodate more passengers. Team leader Han Pengxin tells New Scientist that  ground test are nearly  finished and he aspects that the test flights would be finished in the  next two Read more [...]

ISRO Launched Successfully GSAT-18 from Kourou

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched the communication satellite GSAT-18 was on Thursday. The satellite  launched by a heavy duty rocket of Arianespace from the spaceport of Kourou in French Guiana. The launch was originally scheduled for Wednesday,but deferred by 24 hours owing to unfavourable weather condition at Kourou,a french territory located in northeastern coast of South America. GSAT-18,built by the Indian Space Research Organisation,aims at providing Read more [...]

ISRO PSLV-C35 Launch SCATSAT-1 and other satellites

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) PSLV launch advanced weather satellite SCATSAT-1 and seven other satellites in orbit is its longest ever launch mission,which spanned over two hours and 15 minutes. Vikram Sarabhai Space Center directer K Sivan said."The rocket has placed all the satellite in precise orbit."It is for the first time that satellite were placed in two different orbits with a single rocket. The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C35) carrying the eight satellites took Read more [...]

First Signs Of Animal Life On Earth May Be From Microbes

Evidence suggest that the microbes existed on Earth as far back as 3.7 billion years ago,a billion after the planet formed.Animals remains,however,don't appear in the fossil record until 600 million years ago during the Ediacaran period,there are indirect signs that animal life may have gotten started much earlier. Most of the scientist are attempting to put a date on the earliest lifeforms in the kingdom of Animalia ,but without an actual cast of the body they've had a rely on the credibility Read more [...]

Transform Alien Worlds-‘Star Trek’ Genesis Device

This project is based on a fictional machine called  "Star Trek Genesis Device" which appeared in two 1980's 'Star Trek' films. Bu the author called that the resemblance is mostly coincidental. In the film,"The Wrath of Khan"(1982),the Genesis device was accidentally deployed and created a whole new planet  in a time span of just days or weeks. But the real world device will be used to plant terrestrial lifeforms on an existing planet. There has the some of the ingredients of Read more [...]

UY Scuti-Biggest Star in the Universe

UY Scuti, which is better known as the biggest star in the universe.It is a red supergiant and a variable star in the constellation Scutum. It is the largest star in the universe by its radius and most  luminous of its kind. UY Scuti has approximately 1,708 solar radius and its volume nearly 5 billion times that of the Sun. It is 9,500 light years from Earth. As we know that UY Scuti is the luminous star in the galaxy and has the total bolometric power of 3,40,000 solar luminosity. It Read more [...]

Guiana Space Center:Europe’s Spaceport

European Space Agency and the French government have a Space Center which is situated in Guiana called Guiana Space center. The Space Center launch satellite in space.The center is situated in Kourou in French Guiana. The launching of satellite began in 1964 by French Government and share it with the European Space Agency when the latter was created in 1975. European Space Agency contributes two third of the spaceports annual budget every year. The Spaceports has  also been launches Read more [...]

NASA’s Mars Lander Will Finally Launch in 2018

NASA's mars lander is set to launch in spring 2018,the mission is to study the inner work of the planet Mars.NASA delayed the lunched due to the serious structural problem with one of the probe's two science instruments.Seismic Investigation,Goedesy and Heat Transport,or InSight are used by the interior Exploration. NASA said that the jet Propulsion Laboratory have been tasked with fixing the probe before the launch in 2018.The instrument redesign and delayed launch date will add $153.8 million Read more [...]

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